cl fbx


Bindings to ufbx, a simple and free FBX model decoding library

About cl-fbx

This is a wrapper library around ufbx, a C library for parsing the FBX 3D model file format. As the library and structures involved are quite large, please refer to the C library for more detailed documentation on the individual structures, functions, and fields.

How To

First, load the library, and then parse a file:

(org.shirakumo.fraf.fbx:with-file (file #p"my-model.fbx")
  (describe file))

Files can be loaded from a file on disk, an octet stream, an octet vector, or a direct memory pointer.

When you are done with the file, you must free it to clear out any foreign memory resources taken up by it. Other calls may also return fresh instances that must be manually freed as appropriate. For most cases, using with-freeing should help to ensure data does not get retained more than necessary.

All structures returned by the library are wrapped in wrapper instances, which are thin instances that give more convenient Lisp-side access to the data. For lists, a foreign-vector is returned, which can be indexed with the standard sequence functions on implementations supporting the extensible-sequences protocol.

You can at any time also invoke describe on an instance to get a listing of all the slots and their contents. This should make it much easier to traverse the data.

Included Sources

The following source files are included in this repository:

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Nicolas Hafner

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