cl opus


Bindings to libopusfile, a simple and free OGG/Opus decoding library

About cl-opus

This library implements a wrapper library around opusfile to allow easy decoding of OGG/Opus sound files. Opus is a new codec providing better quality at lower decompression overhead and file size than other formats like Vorbis, AAC, or MP3.

How To

In order to use cl-opus, we'll assume a local nickname for org.shirakumo.fraf.opus called opus.

(opus:with-file (file #p"file.opus")
  (describe file))

Please see the file entry for a reference to all the information you can retrieve about a file. Please also see the reference entry to open for the kinds of data sources cl-opus can decode from.

In order to decode samples, you can use decode-float or decode-int16.

(opus:with-file (file #p"file.opus")
  (let ((samples (make-array (* 2 4096) :element-type 'single-float)))
    (opus:decode-float file samples :stereo T)))

You might also directly use the low-level functions in the org.shirakumo.fraf.opus.cffi package, using the handle of the file for its pointer representation.

Foreign Library

This library ships the required C library by default for the most common operating systems to make it easy to deploy. If you would like to compile the library yourself, please see the readme in the lib/ directory.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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