cl vorbis


Bindings to stb_vorbis, a simple and free OGG/Vorbis decoding library


This is a small library wrapping stb_vorbis to provide a fast, libre, and easy-to-ship OGG/Vorbis decoder.

How To

For this tutorial we assume that org.shirakumo.fraf.vorbis has a local nickname of vorbis.

(vorbis:with-file (file "test.ogg")
  (values (vorbis:channels file)
          (vorbis:samplerate file)
          (vorbis:decode-frame file)))

There's functions to decode a full frame (decode-frame), return the pointers to a decoded frame (decode-frame-ptrs), decode samples to a list of buffers (decode), and decode to an interleaved buffer (decode-interleaved).

If need-be, you can also access the underlying C functions directly through the org.shirakumo.vorbis.cffi package and the handle function.

Pinnable Vectors

Where mentioned, a "pinnable vector" must be either a vector allocated through static-vectors, or on SBCL a vector of type sb-kernel:simple-unboxed-array.

Included Sources

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Nicolas Hafner

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