The lightweight, open chat protocol

Lichat is...

a chat protocol made to be simple and easy to implement and understand. It is free to use and develop, and already has a range of clients available for use.

Lichat was designed for small to medium-sized communities, and features an extensible and practical protocol.

Give Lichat a try

Lichat supports browser-embedded clients. You can give it a try right here and chat with other interested people!

Both servers for open, unregistered access, and servers for controlled, safe environments, are supported.

Lichat software

A number of client and server software already exists for Lichat:

Develop Lichat

The lichat protocol is an open standard and all official software made for it is published under the libre zlib license.

In addition to the above software, a number of client protocol implementation libraries are also available to write bots or new clients with: