Provide a handler type that can be activated on a per-channel basis.


This agent provides handlers that can be de/activated on a per-client/channel basis. This means that handlers, which provide passive reactions not based on commands can be managed with this.

How To

In order to define a handler that can be de/activated, you must set activatable-handler as its superclass and pass the body option :module. An example, for a fictitious beer agent it might look as follows:

(define-handler (beer give-beer message-event) (c ev message)
  :class activatable-handler
  :module #.*package*
  (when (search "I'm thirsty" message)
    (reply ev "Have a beer! c(%)")))

We're passing the file's package at read-time here, which is a bit more comfortable than passing the name of the package explicitly. Henceforth the handler can be de/activated using the appropriate functions or commands and the package name.

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