Lichat client for Maiden


This is a client that enables using Maiden as a client for Lichat networks.

How To

In order to use this client, simply create an instance of lichat-client, add it to a core, and start it. You can use add-to-core to do so quickly. Upon construction, you will probably be interested in the following initargs:

  • :username The name to use on the server. The client's name defaults to the hostname. If you need to retrieve it from the core easily, or want to maintain multiple connections to the same host, you should also provide :name.
  • :password The password for use upon connection. Defaults to NIL. If your user has an account, you will need to set this to be able to connect.
  • :host The hostname of the server to connect to.
  • :port The port of the server to connect to. Defaults to 1111.

All the Lichat replies and commands are present as events, and functions for the latter, in the org.shirakumo.maiden.clients.lichat.rpl and org.shirakumo.maiden.clients.lichat.cmd packages, which are nicknamed to lichat-rpl and lichat-cmd respectively.

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