Storage support for Maiden modules.

About Maiden-Storage

This offers convenient persistent and thread-safe storage for Maiden components.

How To

For the most part you will want to refer to Ubiquitous for docs, since that is the underlying system used for persistence and storage management.

Time for a simple example.

 (maiden:define-consumer tester () ())

The with-storage macro takes care of establishing the proper context where the storage is accessible through value.

 (maiden:define-instruction (tester write-storage) (c ev field value)
   (maiden-storage:with-storage (c)
     (setf (maiden-storage:value field) value)))

 (maiden:define-query (tester read-storage) (c ev field)
   (maiden-storage:with-storage (c)
     (maiden-storage:value field)))

Let's construct a test case.

 (defvar *core* (maiden:make-simple-core 'tester))

 (write-storage *core* :test "Hey!")
 (read-storage *core* :test)

As apparent, the access works as intended. Just to make sure things are also persisted to disk, let's check that out.

 (alexandria:read-file-into-string (ubiquitous:designator-pathname 'tester :lisp))

And sure enough the file is filled with the info we stored.

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