cl markless standalone


Standalone executable of cl-markless

This system allows you to produce a standalone executable of cl-markless to use from tho command line.

(asdf:make :cl-markless)

The produced executable should allow the following arguments:

cl-markless [[input] output] args...
  --input -i                      string   The input file. If left out, the input is taken from
                                           standard in.
  --output -o                     string   The output file. If left out, output is printed to
                                           standard out.
  --format -f                     string   The format of the output document. Defaults to "plump"
  --directives -d                 string   A comma-separated list of directives to use.
  --line-break-mode -l            string   Which line break mode to use, show (default) or hide.
  --extension -e                  string   Load an extension.
  --help -h -?                    boolean  Show a brief help about the tool.
  --version -v                    boolean  Print the version.

System Information

Nicolas Hafner

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