cl resvg


An up-to-date bindings library for the resvg SVG rendering library

About cl-resvg

This is a small bindings library to resvg, a Rust library to render SVG images to bitmaps. It can be used as a standalone way to display SVG images.

How To

First, initialise the library with whatever options you would like to use. We assume org.shirakumo.fraf.resvg is locally nicknamed to resvg.


You can then load an image from an in-memory buffer, string, or a file using make-image:

(resvg:make-image #p"my-image.svg")

If the image loads successfully, you can then query it with empty-p, viewbox, size, bbox, node-p, and transform. Finally, you can use render to render the image to a bitmap.

(resvg:render *)

Once you are done using the image, make sure you clean it up with free. For more convenient operations, you can also use the with-image macro.

(resvg:free **)

Once you are completely done with the library, you should call shutdown to uninitialise it.

System Information

Yukari Hafner

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