cl turbojpeg


An up-to-date bindings library for the JPEG Turbo C library

About cl-turbojpeg

This is an up-to-date bindings library for libjpeg-turbo, providing a fast way to read, write, and transform JPEG images.

Unlike the existing jpeg-turbo wrapper this project is up-to-date with upstream, exposes the full API, and ships precompiled binaries, avoiding the requirement for a local copy and a C compiler to grovel with.

How To

Most of the library should be self-explanatory through the functions load-image, save-image, and transform-image. Nevertheless, a simple example:

(org.shirakumo.fraf.turbojpeg:load-image "whatever.jpg" T)

For finer control you can create the respective decompressor, compressor, and transformer instances yourself and pass the desired initargs, then call the same function with them instead of T. When you are done with the object, clean it up again via free.

The library supports pathnames, vectors, and pointers for source and destination. When passing vectors, it uses cffi:with-pointer-to-vector-data to access the contents, so please see the respective documentation for restrictions thereof.

For faster file operations you may want to consider using the mmap in conjunction, to avoid having to manually copy the file into memory first like this library does by itself.

You can also directly access the underlying jpeg-turbo C API via the org.shirakumo.fraf.turbojpeg.cffi package, and the simulated libjpeg API via the org.shirakumo.fraf.jpeg.cffi package. In the latter case you'll have to first ensure you load the org.shirakumo.fraf.jpeg.cffi:libjpeg library before using it.

System Information

Yukari Hafner

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