An up-to-date bindings library to the most recent GLFW OpenGL context management library

About GLFW

This is an up-to-date bindings library to the most recent GLFW OpenGL context management library. It allows easy and convenient access to creating windows for OpenGL or Vulkan graphics output.

Unlike other common lisp libraries like cl-glfw, cl-glfw3, and bodge-glfw it is up to date with latest GLFW sources, ships precompiled binaries, includes a convenient lispified API with full coverage, and is actually documented. Wow!

How To

First, initialize the library:


And now you can create a new window instance:

(make-instance 'org.shirakumo.fraf.glfw:window)

You will probably want to pass one of several initargs, such as :context-version-major to pass window creation hints such as for the OpenGL context, back buffer properties, window properties, or initial window attributes like :width and :height. Please see the documentation of window for all supported initargs.

Once the window is created, you can start using OpenGL commands, swap-buffers to display, use the several window property accessors like size to manipulate it, and so on. Please again see the documentation of window for all supported operations.

In order to react to inputs and other events, you should first create a subclass of window, then implement methods on the event handling functions you need, like key-changed. Then, simply create an instance of your window class and regularly call poll-events to process events.

Once you are done with a window, you should dispose of it with destroy.

Prior to creating a window instance, you can also manually init the library and fetch the available monitors and their video modes via list-monitors. This allows you to create a context that immediately fullscreens to the desired monitor, for instance.

Once you are done with GLFW as a whole or want to shut everything down at once, you should call shutdown.

Direct Access

This library also provides the org.shirakumo.fraf.glfw.cffi package, which exposes the raw types and functions exported by the GLFW API. If you need access to functionality not covered by the wrapper or have other needs, you can sue the functions from that package to handle direct access.

You can also mix the wrapper and low level calls by retrieving the pointer of a window or other foreign-object.

System Information

Yukari Hafner

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