Markov chains for Maiden


This provides a fast and compact Markov chains implementation. Markov chains are stored efficiently in memory and on disk, allowing for huge dictionaries without loss of resources or performance.

It also implements its own binary format in order to save the dictionary fast and compact.

How To

Create a generator instance, and train it with learn or learn-from-file

(defvar *g* (make-instance 'generator))
(learn "Hey this is a sentence you can learn." *g*)
(learn-from-file "~/king-james.txt" *g*)
(learn-from-file "~/sicp.txt" *g*)
(make-sentence *g*)
(find-sentence *g* "lambda")

You can also make it learn from a chat channel by activating the module on that channel. See maiden-activatable and the commands in the symbol index.

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